Veil Nebula Wide angle

I have imaged the veil nebula numerous times before but never tire of it.


Lots of issues throughout the night of imaging

1. There was a short in one of the power cords. Luckily I had another.

2. Battery fuse blew as a result of the above

3. Mount database got corrupted. So GOTOs would not work anymore. I think this was related to 1.

4. Camera stopped working because the one other battery was overloaded and it was low on power. Camera would keep recycling.


I finally finished debugging the problems, fixed the fuse and rewired everything.

By then it was around 1AM. Then I had to resync (old fashioned hand and eye pointing) since gotos would not work


But clouds came out at 3 AM so I only had about 90 mins of data in all.


This is a bicolor image of the Veil (Ha + OIII) using Steve Cannistra's method.

I like stars so I didnt do anything to reduce them.


Camera: QSI 683ws8 with canon mount adapter

Lens: Pentax 67 300mm ED IF @F4

Mount: AP600E

Location: Rattlesnake Lake

Seeing: ok

transparency: poor

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Uploaded on August 27, 2012