God Is One! (#5 on Explore 5 May 2006)

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    I like the effect I got during this shot. The Nihang in this picture seems to be symboliZing "One" with his finger which has the essence of the Sikhism which has its whole belief in "One" God.

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    1. PiscesDreamer ages ago | reply

      Very hypnotic!

    2. Dew Drop ages ago | reply

      this pic is mesmerizing! how did it naturally come out this way?

    3. pianolv2_342000 ages ago | reply

      This is fantastic foto and love the color and background effect with the Golden Temple

    4. Shree.S ages ago | reply

      fAbulous pic..

    5. Ajinder ages ago | reply

      very good pov to share this pic with us

    6. sum girl ages ago | reply

      were u walkin towards him taking the pic or him walking towards u??? love the movement.

    7. Captain Suresh Sharma ages ago | reply

      Superb effect! Well done.

    8. jashans ages ago | reply

      Very powerful pic.......

    9. harwinder84 ages ago | reply

      really good effect man

    10. Ankur_Sardana ages ago | reply

      great effect..which camera do you use ?

    11. john.gillespie ages ago | reply

      Excellent photo. And gallery.

    12. UrvishJ ages ago | reply

      very well thought abt the effects...goes with the ekam satyam theory very well....somethinglike ek omkar? :)

    13. NW-X [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Global Spirit, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    14. passion_of_love007 ages ago | reply

      Its a very nice shot Raminder in front of Golden Temple the shot is showing himself that the god is one. No doubt

    15. trailingbegonia ages ago | reply

      Or a three-headed spirit

    16. cuervo09 ages ago | reply

      oh what a pic!!!

    17. Miguel Nunez Photography 119 months ago | reply

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    18. austmathr 112 months ago | reply

      Love the pic!!

    19. Harbir S Manku 81 months ago | reply

      aminder did you know that this picture is featuring in PHOTOSHOP TIPS, in DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL? Here is the link to the page. CHHA gaye Boss!

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