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Kite Song - Dedication for Wai Jia | by Mio Cade
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Kite Song - Dedication for Wai Jia

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This is special dedication for Wai Jia.


I met Wai Jia through Eck Kheng, our friend.


Wai Kia and I seemed to know each other for a long time. We share certain similar visions and dreams.


The 2 most common things that we saw in our dreams and visions are CLOUDS and the phrase "DARE TO DREAM".


"Nineteen-year-old Tan Wai Jia spent five weeks living among them. She was so moved by the experience that she spent about 10 hours a day for the next two months drawing and painting a beautiful children's book entitled "Kite Song".


She writes, "All children have dreams, but some have not the means to even start journeying towards them. Without sufficient food, shelter or education, their goals seem unreachable. We are all children because we all have dreams. Give these children a chance to dream."


Kite Song (by Tan Wai Jia)


I like kites.

I like to fly kites because they make me feel so free.

So free.

There is a kitesong within me that will not be still.

Higher and higher, my kite goes.


How unpredictable the winds can be.

Kites, like dreams, slip away so easily.

Run, run for your dream.

Keep running,

Don’t stop.

Its never easy to realize your dreams.

Sometimes, it feels like everyone is laughing at you.

And nobody believes in you,

It feels like you’ll never be good enough.

For anyone or anything,

Even when you try so hard,

The world can be so very unforgiving,

Lost dreams are never really lost.

Just hard to find.

Trials, can be beautiful things.

They make our dreams seem further,

And dimmer,

And altogether impossible,

But when we take the leap and reach the end,

Weary and exhausted,

Our dreams are often more beautiful than we ever thought it would be.

Kitesongs are singing in the sky.

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Taken on November 17, 2008