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Klungkung, Bali - Children from Kalimantan

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We were observing the Ngaben (cremation) event at the Klungkung's river.


Next moment, my son Akku and the local children leaped off from the nearby dam.


I later learned from Akku that those local kids were from Kalimantan who reside in Klungkong. And they spoke in Bahasa Bugis that Akku knows. Immediately, they became friends.


The children told me that there were many photographers who have visited this place. And the children posed for them, etc. Sometimes, they were paid RP5000 - RP10,000 for being their models.


I asked if they were going to charge me for taking their pictures? They said no, because I speak Bahasa Bugis! haha.. Frankly, I could only speak a few sentences of Bugis. But I know they love Akku and treated him like their big brother.


Anyway, I treated them Bakso after having fun swimming in the river. Who care about photography...to me having fun was more important. But I promised the children that I would return to visit them in September and we will have Bakso again!

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Taken on August 1, 2010