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Junjungan's Woodcarver boys - Breakfast time! | by Mio Cade
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Junjungan's Woodcarver boys - Breakfast time!

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Guys, I am back in Bali for a while. It was so urgent that I have to leave Singapore immediately to attend some villages matters.


I got a phone call on 17th August from Abangan. There was a Westerner man rooming around and asking the Abangan children who is Akku (my son), Mela, Enong, Adib, Yudi, etc. He even showed the photos of the kids in a brochure that he carried.


The children are ignorant but luckily it took a curios parent to look at it and alerted the village head that photos of the Abangan and Junjungan kids were in the brochure. It is said that someone sold the brochure to him for USD1. It is actually a 4 pages brochure telling tourists where to visit, where to have meal, where to find cheap accommodation.


The visitor agreed to lend us the brochure for 2 days. I am reading it now. I can recognize those photos and the photographers who took them.


These photos deliberately showing children bathing and some are naked. We interviewed the children and we know the sources. My gut feeling is the photographers may not have known that his photos were being used in the publishing.


We are now monitoring the situation and discussing if legal action needs to be taken. A safety net has also been established to inform each other and potential danger.


The Abangan and Junjungan village heads are working together and to brief all the residents.


Safety Net Established :


[1] All visitors who wish to contact the residents will need to enter their particular in a visitor book.

[2] An adult would accompany them when visiting the villages

[3] No visitor are allowed to bring the children out of the village without the consent of the parents and village head.


Now, we need to visit the school and brief the educators as well :-)


I am so stressful. I apologized if I go hard on anybody. I have to suspect everyone who has taken photos of the Abangan and Junjungan kids before. We want out children to be protected and not exploited. To avoid misunderstanding, please do not approach the children personally without us guardian/parent knowing.


Thank you and please accept my apologies for those whom I may have offended.

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Taken on August 19, 2010