• sprinkles are tiny little butter cookies.
  • ice cream is icing. a loooot of icing.
  • cone is cake in three sections (held together with dowels) and icing.

big ole ice cream cake

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and 25 cents. you know, so i can make this the money shot, er, i mean, for scale.

this entry is for maryiln powell's ice cream: the delicious history

i think this is the one that'll be in the silent auction, so, if you're at the edible book festival in seattle tomorrow, please bid! all proceeds benefit 826!! :D!

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  1. Rakka 97 months ago

    i don't know! it's a LOOOOOOT of icing!

    but thanks! :D!

  2. Firefaery 97 months ago

    You rock! These cakes kick butt! :) I wish I had your skills!

  3. chotda 97 months ago

    it is a latte stone! filled with deeeeeeeelicious frosting. my only disappointment is that it's not ice cream!

  4. Rakka 97 months ago

    aw, thanks, firefaery! it doesn't really take skill so much as just time. anyone can do it. :D!

    HAHAHA!!! i'm seriously going to tell anyone that asks that it's a latte stone, chotda! haha!

    if i could've used real ice cream without it melting, i *totally* would have! :D!

  5. Dragonhide 97 months ago

    My teeth hurts just thinking of taking a big bite of icing.. lol

    Great entry!

  6. bunchofpants 97 months ago

    Cool cake, girlie!!

    Time to start thinking of next years entry! I nominate From the Mixed-Up Files of Mr.s Basil E. Frankweiler. It was my fave book as a child. You could do a cake that looks like and angel statue, or the fountain in the Metropolitan museum of Art ...

  7. Rakka 97 months ago

    haha! thanks, jallen! thankfully, i didn't have to eat it! ;D

    thanks, pants! oh hey! that sounds nice! :D!

    although, i think i'm done with edible books until around feb of next year. haha! i'm wiped!

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