master shake easter egg

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    shake-zula, the mic rulah, the old schoolah you wanna trip, he'll bring it to ya.

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    1. Rakka 87 months ago

      it's easter.

      you know how i like easter what with all the candy and "donnie darko" and stuff.

    2. groc 87 months ago if Leff is Frylock (and I think he's flattering himself there) then that must mean you're ...meatwad!

      aaaaah. I like Meatwad he's my favourite.

    3. Rakka 87 months ago

      heh heh!

      yeah, i gets aaaaaaall the honeys. HAHAHAHAH!!!

      shake's my favorite. he reminds me of many exes. ;D

    4. Pete Mandik 87 months ago

      number one in the hood

    5. bunchofpants 87 months ago

      Oh, now you're getting silly!!

      And I'm jealous, because cheapo ghetto cable doesn't have Aqua Teen Hunger Force...

    6. misterjt 87 months ago

      But can we make mooninites out of peeps?

      -- (?)

    7. 87 months ago

      this is awesome, i love it!!

    8. lia 87 months ago

      this is awesome.

    9. Rakka 87 months ago

      making the homies say ho and the girlies wanna scream, pete!

      NOW i'm silly, pants? erm.... (heh heh!)

      oh, and pssst.

      that's a FANTASTIC idea, misterjt! i'll get right on that! :D!

      thanks, lonebluelady and lia! :D!

    10. giabaophuc 86 months ago

      amazing, I love him!!! :-)

    11. Rakka 86 months ago

      thanks, giabaophuc! :D!

    12. #Justin 86 months ago

      This is fantastic!

    13. Kate Shepard 86 months ago

      Oh my God! This is awesome. Great idea!

    14. Rakka 86 months ago

      thanks, kate! :D!

    15. macfixer 85 months ago

      Dude, that's awesome!


    16. codder 85 months ago

      Freakin awesome

    17. Rakka 85 months ago

      thanks, guys!

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