10 more days...

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    ...until we load the moving van!

    i've got three words for memphis. they were originally "FOAD! FOAD! FOAD!" but since those aren't technically words, i've changed them. (scroll down to the f section if you need translation. ;D)

    go ahead, guess what three words i mean. ;D

    it might be "i like pie!" haha!

    1. Tim Burns, obmit 1 [deleted] 117 months ago

      Hi Rakka ! wot does D mean ??
      I keep seeing it but it don't mean a thing to me!

    2. Rakka 117 months ago

      :D = really happy

      ;D = winking

      they're called emoticons. (that link has many different styles/types of emoticons listed. it's kind of interesting to peruse it.)

      (i never used them until i got to flickr where i now use them like a fiend because i'm never sure if people are going to get that i'm kidding or not.)

    3. Tim Burns, obmit 1 [deleted] 117 months ago

      Thankyou Rakka. Now I will be getting excited if I think people are winking at me !

    4. Rakka 117 months ago

      HAHAHAHA!!! :D!

      see, that made me happy! ;D

    5. ART NAHPRO 117 months ago

      Not me mate. Spoonfulls of irony me.

      Hi Rakka sorry I have not been visiting much, life has been a bit crazy. Hope the packing is going well. Nothing quite like getting there and finding that the toilet paper, coffee and your only clean underwear have ended up in Cleveland by mistake....

      I wouldnt have introduced ombit to Flickr if I knew he was going to come round asking fool questions about emoticons! We Brits are a bit soooo last century..

    6. Rakka 117 months ago

      hee hee!

      irony is like the other metals, right? like bronzey and silvery? (HAHAHA!! sorry, sorry. couldn't help it.)

      oh, don't worry one bit! i've been quite busy myself and i haven't visited YOUR photostream in a while!

      packing is going well. the tp goes in the trunk/boot of the car so we don't lose it. HAHHA!

      obmit's cool! :D! there is a bit of a language barrier when you first get used to a new community. no biggie. i like reading the wikipedia articles myself! :D!

      oh, yeah. you brits are SOOO last century. *eyeroll* hee hee!

    7. Tim Burns, obmit 1 [deleted] 117 months ago

      Lol !Lol !Lol !

    8. Tim Burns, obmit 1 [deleted] 117 months ago

      What ?????

    9. Rakka 117 months ago

      hee hee!

      lol = laugh out loud, right?

      lol is also the first name of a musician. lol coxhill. ;D

      so, around these parts (ie, my, groc's, bigal's, leff's, bunchofpant's, et al's photostreams) coxhill = lol = laugh out loud.

      we're kind of goofy, you see. ;D

    10. Tim Burns, obmit 1 [deleted] 117 months ago

      Yes :-}

    11. ART NAHPRO 117 months ago

      Ok-do you want to know something weird?-I met Lol Coxhill once when I was an art studentin Farnham-he came to play a solo gig in our canteen to about 30 students! What a cool cat-he hardly said a word. He is the guy in the Joni Mitchell song you know-she heard him playing in a subway in London (I think it was London)

      Just thought I'd throw that in. Ombit Rakka Nahpro and Lol Coxhill are all linked by this strange coincidence. Less than 5 degrees of separation from Joni Mitchell can't be bad.

    12. ART NAHPRO 117 months ago

      :[ :} :o ;) :* :) =(

      Art Nahpro doing his face stretching regime-dont ususally do it in public but you are about to move anyway...

    13. B.E.C.K. 117 months ago

      Ten days! I'm getting excited for you guys. Seattle is beautiful. Remember -- after you install toilet paper, it's time to hook up the computer. Priorities, you know! ;^)

    14. Rakka 117 months ago

      get OUT, art!!! you're KIDDING?!??!

      how freakin' cool that you met lol!!! :D!!

      and i love your face stretching regime! HAHAHAHA!!

      we've already got the cable guy coming to plug us into the internets the second day we're there, b.e.c.k.! :D! so, we unpack, put up the tp and click onto flickr! :D!

      we've got our priorities straight! :D!

    15. Tim Burns, obmit 1 [deleted] 117 months ago

      I don't remember that Nahpro - I never left the bar, perhaps that is why I don't remember !
      Sing me a song Paul it may jog my memory :-]

    16. ART NAHPRO 117 months ago

      It was at Hatch Mill in my foundation year-curious he doesn't remember me though and Joni never returns my calls....Damn! Why do you think that is?

      :( :0 :{ :] :{

      Better than Botox-barely w a wrinkle now!

    17. auntnanny 117 months ago

      rakka, you use emoticons like i use ............ and !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      i like this one:

      :-x "I shouldn't have said that"

      i'm sure i'll need to use it eventually; sometimes i stick my foot in my mouth......(kinda gross huh?)

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