bill cosby with the pudding

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    a commercial for those of you who may be too young to remember cosby's jell-o ads.

    also, eat the pudding pops!

    for suspect and fugitive

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    1. Kollage Kid 96 months ago

      Excellent! This Jell-o must be something like the Angel Delight we used to have- a powder you whisked up with milk until it looked like a thick and gooey custard?

      Hugh Laurie doing the voiceover in 1988.

    2. giveawayboy 96 months ago

      I'll keep asking, but I'm starting to think stencils perhaps. But, in case you didn't see all the other times I asked, "How do you DO these?"

    3. misterjt 96 months ago

      pudding for hair. Perfect.

      -- (?)

    4. Rakka 96 months ago

      it's the same stuff, kk. i can't wait to see that ad with the hugh laurie voiceover! thanks!

      i'll keep answering, giveawayboy. haha! yes. stencils. i make stencils and then use them.

      i'd like pudding for hair, jt. it would be much easier to style than the rat's nest that i currently have.

    5. 365bunnies 96 months ago

      I want vanilla pudding for hair! I could comb it with a spoon.
      Great job, Rakka.

      Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

    6. Rakka 96 months ago

      i'd stick with chocolate. it's my favorite pudding flavor.

      you could get some 80's crinkly waves if you used a fork! you know, for when you feel like throwing a taylor dayne party. hee hee! (i've never understood those red footprints at the beginning of the video. do they want it to seem like taylor dayne's feet are bleeding? huh?)

    7. cdedbdme 96 months ago

      you just put a big smile on my face :D

      this is wonderfully hilarious!

    8. Rakka 96 months ago

      i'm glad you enjoyed it! :D!

    9. giveawayboy 96 months ago

      i'm sorry. maybe i didn't see your other answers. well, if you use stencils. how do you keep the lines so sharp when you pull them up?

    10. Rakka 96 months ago

      it's ok.

      i'm just really careful and i pull the stencil off fast.

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