arm and hammer baking soda

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    1. giveawayboy 85 months ago

      you posted the arm, and i got the legs. hey, if i haven't told you, i'm really enjoying this concept and of course the series itself. great work.

    2. Rakka 85 months ago

      i'm afraid to ask who has the torso. ;D

      thanks so much! if i hadn't thrown my effing back out i might've been able to get to some of the more ambitious ones this week like i'd planned.

    3. giveawayboy 85 months ago

      is that on a tshirt?

    4. Rakka 85 months ago

      yes. HAHHA! and now you know one of my secrets for backgrounds.

    5. giveawayboy 85 months ago

      Hehe...I've exploited them before, as well as tablecloths and towels.

    6. Rakka 85 months ago

      you know, i'm kinda' feeling like we should pay them a living wage... ;D

    7. excellentlunch 85 months ago

      That's awesome!

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