bender egg

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    for thingaday.

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    1. groc 85 months ago

      this is awesomeness - with sugar sprinkles on top

    2. Rakka 85 months ago

      why thank you! i'd mail it to you but 1) it would break 2) leff's already eaten it.

    3. groc 85 months ago

      Leff ate Bender?!

      that's just all different shades of wrong!

    4. Rakka 85 months ago

      wrong but, i've been told, delicious.

    5. groc 85 months ago

      "Go to work on a Bender" doesn't have the same sort of ring somehow.

    6. Rakka 85 months ago

      haha! i guess it wouldn't! (i can't wait to watch those ads! :D!)

    7. groc 85 months ago

      you've GOT to see 'the Rebel' at some point too - it's essential.

    8. Rakka 85 months ago

      is the rebel one of those that you linked to or is it something else entirely? (she asks instead of googling.)

    9. groc 85 months ago

      the Rebel

      (interesting sidenote: - I seem to remember some artists recreating lots of Hancock's artwork from the film, and it was really good stuff.)

    10. Rakka 85 months ago

      oh hey!! that sounds good!

      and how freakin' awesome that theartwork in a movie was actually good! that never ever happens!

    11. highglosshighs 85 months ago

      does he have a shiny eggy ass?

    12. groc 85 months ago

      psst - I just now found this about it on the interwebs.

    13. Rakka 85 months ago

      he does, indeed, hgh! although i don't think he shits bricks. ;D

      oh wow! that's pretty awesome, groc! maybe that show will make the movie available on dvd over here! (it's called "call me genius" in the states. not on netflix. :(

    14. groc 85 months ago

      [there really needs to be a netflix that deals with old/obscure and hard-to-find films that's cheap... they'd clean up I'm sure of it. I've looked into buying the Rebel on dvd and it's going for silly prices - it's such an ooooold film it should be cheap and easy to get hold of...]

    15. Rakka 85 months ago

      there really should be. i remember that there was some alternative version of netflix a few years ago (the name has escaped me) that we almost signed up for instead. it had more alt titles but netflix had more all around titles.

      sad that we went with quantity over quality...

      man, i hate it when older movies are so expensive! i remember about ten years ago i was trying to get a copy of and god spoke and it had gone out of print. i *finally* found a copy of it to rent (vhs, mind) and there was a (refundable) deposit of $75 fucking dollars at the rental store!

      i paid but i wasn't happy about it. ;D

    16. ranjit 85 months ago

      bite my shiny metal head!!

    17. Irregular Shed 85 months ago

      Good work, chumpette!

    18. Rakka 85 months ago

      heh heh! it would be hard to bite his ass, ranjit! ;D

      thanks, shedly!

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