orange creamsicle cupcake

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    from ny cupcake

    1. Rakka 88 months ago

      it was pretty good! i wish that i could mix their cakes with cupcake royale's icing.

    2. bunchofpants 88 months ago

      Num num. Me want food.

      Note: that last was a 30 Rock reference. Have I mentioned that you totally turned me into a 30 Rock junkie? I watched all of season 1 on DVD, and I've been keeping up with season2 online. I hope the networks cave in to the writers' (entirely reasonable, imo) demands soon because I need my 30 Rock! I love that show so much i want to take it out behind the middle school and get it pregnant.

    3. Rakka 88 months ago

      oh man! me want food makes me laugh soooo much! :D!

      did you see the last one? (sadly, the last episode until the writer's strike is over.) it has two of my favorite 30rockisms ever!

      tracey: "regrets are for horseshoes and handbags."

      and kenneth: "i don't drink hot beverages of any kind. that's the devil's temperature."

      also? when liz drunk dials? i want to take THAT out behind the middle school and get it prenant! :D!

      (i'm glad that i got you addicted. ;D now someone else besides leff understands me when i say "it looks like the manatee has become the mento." hahahha! now i just need to get you hooked on ugly betty. perhaps this clip will help. mwah-ha!)

    4. Rakka 88 months ago

      you really should! it's a great show!

      i can't get into scrubs. i dunno what it is. actually, i do. i can't stand zach braff. haha!

      don't even GET me started about how much i disliked "garden state".

    5. Rakka 88 months ago

      hahah! it does seem like i would like it! it's just zach braff. i did like this clip though because jason bateman was in it.

      i heart jason bateman. i have ever since he was on "silver spoons". haha!

    6. Rakka 87 months ago

      "arrested development"?

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