super stag (illlustration friday--hero)

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    sketch for illustration friday.

    at first i thought of drawing a hero sub sandwich but then i settled on the stag.

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    1. Rakka 118 months ago

      thanks, anzy!! :D!

      and thanks, pants! i think it might possibly be the dullest comic on the planet! HAHAH!!

      super stag! savior of all things quiet and green!

      oh, wow! thanks, giveawayboy!! :D!! (we've both got the deer images goin' on! i totally love yours! :D!)

    2. giveawayboy 118 months ago

      hey anzy, speaking of cute, i love your frog avatar. that's so cute it's almost japanese.

    3. anzyAprico 118 months ago

      hahaha, thanks gineawayboy♪
      I love frogs and my avatar is an extra of the chocolate confectionery. and yes, it's almost japanese!

    4. groc 118 months ago

      mmm facing left = a bit of a tradionalist eh. big ears = good at listening - big tail = oooh eeer *cough*

      (can't remember what showing all 4 legs meant)

    5. Rakka 118 months ago


      (it means that i'm t eh rock! ;D! actually, no it doesn't. i forget what it was supposed to mean.

      although i DO know this! (mum was a psychologist, you see and was always practicing tests on me.) don't EVER leave the nose off of a drawing on a psych test! bad. news.)

    6. groc 118 months ago

      sheeeeiiiit really? - my cartoons were famous for the fact no one ever had any noses on them!

    7. Rakka 118 months ago

      it's totally cool in rl drawing!! really! artistic license and whatnot. (i don't like to draw noses either! i, in fact, got yelled at for not drawing noses on the test by said mum.)

      just, you know, draw noses if you have to take the psych test where you have to draw. (i don't know what it's supposed to mean, sorry! she never told me.)

    8. groc 118 months ago

      it'll be something to do with penises - if it's psychology - it's *always* to do with penises. Penis-mad are them psychologists.

      Oh shit what was your mom again?


    9. Rakka 118 months ago

      HAHAHA!!! they are penis mad! ;D! you hit that one right on the...*giggling*...head.

      *cracking up!!!!!*

    10. Rakka 118 months ago

      thanks, NinotchkaB! :D!

    11. Bana_24 118 months ago

      Sooooo coool!!!! I can see u like a lot deers, and i couldn´t stop imagine ur deer like an animal in some story like LOTR xD I like it so much!! =)) congrats!!

    12. Rakka 118 months ago

      thanks, bana_24! :D!

      hee hee! i'm not that mystical. ;D i'm more of an urban deer. (hang on a bit and i'll have a drawing for that! :D!)

    13. Aravis 118 months ago

      This is so sweet, and I love the colors!

    14. Rakka 118 months ago

      thanks, aravis! :D!

    15. David Wilmot 118 months ago

      Fantastic illustration

    16. Rakka 118 months ago

      thanks, daramot! :D!

    17. SingAsong ♫ [deleted] 117 months ago

      Oh wow Rakka!!!
      I love this!!!

    18. Rakka 117 months ago

      thank you so much, sas!! :D!!

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