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    it's a katamari!! like from katamari damacy!!

    ok, here are the specs--solid cake made with this recipe, doubled (subbing in whole eggs and yolks to make it a yellow cake).

    the icing is a buttercream frosting recipe, tripled.

    the cupcakes were made from the basic cupcake recipe from clare crespo's hey, there cupcake.

    it weights about five pounds (approx 2267 grams) and is approx a foot tall. (30 cm)

    i was orignially going to use candy dough to sculpt a little prince and some cows to stick on the katamari, but i couldn't get the dough to work as well as i would've liked.

    i can't wait to eat it!

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    1. Rakka 116 months ago

      thanks, obmit! :D!

      i just love this game is all. ;D (i play a lot of video games. i always have.)

    2. courtneyp 116 months ago

      OMG. Best. Cake. EVAR.

    3. Rakka 116 months ago

      thanks, courtneyp! :D!

    4. Beelama 116 months ago

      Rakka, your cake is wonderful! You should send it to this new page:

      Greetings, Beelama

    5. Rakka 116 months ago

      thanks, beelama!

      and what a wonderful site! thank you for pointing that out to me! i'll put the cake up there when i get a chance! :D!

    6. wastedpapiers [deleted] 115 months ago

      Makes my teeth ache just looking at it!

    7. Rakka 115 months ago

      it made my teeth hurt for real, wp! ;D HAHAHAH!!

      we couldn't finish the whole thing. in the end, the cake was just too much.

    8. Emiko Hime 115 months ago

      maybe you can roll up innocent children with it and incinerate them into stars

    9. drewzhrodague 115 months ago

      Fabulous! I've got my capsule-head on!

    10. digitally-dreaming 115 months ago

      That is the hottest cake ever! :)

    11. Rakka 115 months ago

      THAT would be fun, emiko hime!! haha!

      thanks, drewzhrodague!!

      and thanks, digitally-dreaming!!

      oh! and a special hello to anyone that's here through the /. post.

    12. yan-san 115 months ago

      Yeah, I was gonna say. This cake has been slashdotted, baby.

    13. Rakka 115 months ago

      haha!! most definately, yan-san.

      it was also notmarthaed, playgressived, etc, etc early this year. and it's supposed to be mtved soon.

      but /. well, that's DEFINATELY an honor!

    14. xtrarant 115 months ago

      That is RAD! yes... I said RAD.

      I <3 katamari cake

    15. Rakka 115 months ago

      thanks, xtrarant!!

      that's exactly why i made the cake. i'm trying to bring RAD back into circulation!


      seriously though, thanks!

    16. Kon is teh Rad 115 months ago

      This is totally excellent. A thousand gold stars for you.

    17. Rakka 115 months ago

      thank you, kon! :D! you're quite rad! :D!

    18. lyricaldanichan 114 months ago

      This is fucking awesome! :)

    19. littlemaus 114 months ago

      Eee, cute!

      Also, I am so jealous that I didn't think of it first. ;o)

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