tetris cookies!

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    no, they don't fit exactly even though i did cut them with a ruler. oh well.

    these are gingerbread with lemon icing.

    and, yes, they're going to the atari party.

    "but tetris wasn't on atari!" i can here you say.

    it was! it was on the atari st.


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    1. Crystl 108 months ago


      I'm not worthy.

    2. Rakka 108 months ago

      oh, sure you are! :D!

      now, eat some of them, PLEASE! hahaha!

    3. bunchofpants 108 months ago

      Mmm, tetris cookies--my favorites!!

      I remember way back when, I used to play Tetris on my Mac Plus until my eyes watered ...

    4. Rakka 108 months ago

      i played tetris on my gameboy until my eyes watered.

      it wasn't backlit. so, big eyestrain.

      while i was making these cookies, i had the song stuck in my head.

      but since yesterday, i've had the mario theme in my head. ;D

    5. sugarfreak 108 months ago

      I played Tetris until I had them in my dreams.

    6. Rakka 108 months ago

      me too, sugarfreak!

      and i kept seeing things in real life as tetris shapes to be manipulated.

      i was a tetris junkie.

    7. sugarfreak 108 months ago

      Yeah, tetris brings out my latent OCD.

    8. Rakka 108 months ago

      it just makes my obvious ocd traits that more pronounced.

      tetris is baaaaad mojo. ;D

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