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  • heh heh! if only i'd made the arm just a liiiiitle bit more phallic. ;D

a dalek tshirt for leff!

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i made leff a dalek shirt not only because he got an awesome new job BUT ALSO because his bday is next week!

i based it on this dalek and i used the freezer paper method.

it required two different freezer paper stencils (one for the dalek body and another for the details) but leff's worth it! ;D!

plus it goes well with the tardis shirt that i made for him.

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  1. Rakka 92 months ago

    thanks, guys!

  2. Irregular Shed 92 months ago

    Friggin' SWEET. Will you make one for Jack? He lurves Daleks!

    I must email you, I know...

  3. bunchofpants 92 months ago

    That's muy awesome! I've not yet made a two-color stencils shirt. I think I'm too lazy for two stencils ...

    Oh, and aren't you happy that you're now allowed to keep goats?

  4. groc 92 months ago

    and if you made a hello Emperor kitty dalek tshirt for yourself - you could go out as a matching pair....

  5. Pip 92 months ago

    your dalek appears to have stolen two comic relief red noses!

  6. Rakka 92 months ago

    yes! i will make one for jack, shed! :D! what size is he wearing now?

    thanks, pantso!! it really wasn't that much work, honestly. you could make one in no time flat!!

    i'm HELLA excited about that goat ruling! as soon as we have more space, i WILL have little, tiny billy goats contentedly chomping on my lawn! :D!

    oh!! what a great idea, groc!!! would it be ok if i used your drawing as a basis?

    well, daleks ARE silly, pip! :D! they'd be all "EXTERMINATE" and i'd honk their little red noses and laugh! and then they'd be all "no, really, EXTERMINATE!!" and i'd honk their noses and laugh again.

    aaah, that would be so much fun! :D!

  7. fuffer 92 months ago


  8. Irregular Shed 92 months ago

    Thanks Rakkles! I don't know what the American convention for bambino t-shirts is, but he's wearing clothes for 18-24 months right now. One for a two year old would get most wear I think - it might be a bit big for a while but, the rate he grows at, not for long!

  9. bunchofpants 92 months ago

    Shed, I think the shirt I made for him was a size 4T ... how does it fit?

  10. Rakka 92 months ago

    hee hee!! i've been saying that for days now, fuffer! :D!

    youse welcome, shedhead! i'll check on a 4t like pants says.

    god, i heart little jack! :D! (and you know that children usually send me screaming in the other direction! ;D)

  11. Irregular Shed 92 months ago

    A 4T fits about right now actually. Ideal for all his Tony the Newsagent needs!

    I'll get some more video of Jables uploaded soon. For his fans =)

  12. Rakka 92 months ago

    have i told you how much it makes me smile to know that you call him jables?

    'cause it does, you know. :D!

  13. soundkiosk 92 months ago

    Happy Birthday to Jables!

  14. Rakka 92 months ago

    my next cat will be named jables!

  15. groc 92 months ago

    Jabies McDalek

  16. Rakka 92 months ago


  17. Irregular Shed 92 months ago

    Jables is Jack Black's nickname, IIRC. It just sort of stuck with my son and heir... something to do with his unshaven appearance and manic behaviour.

    Dammit, that IS a good name for a cat!

  18. Rakka 92 months ago

    it's perfect. esp since i heart jack black.

    does your jables sing "wonderboy"? haha!

  19. groc 92 months ago

    no one remembers those now politically incorrectly named liquorish sweets in the UK - black jacks?

  20. Rakka 92 months ago

    omg! those sound deeeelicious!! i lurve anise seed!

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