binary easter egg

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    first egg of the season and it's *so* literal.

    and geeky.

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    1. Oℓivia 110 months ago

      Haha! Great! :D

    2. Rakka 110 months ago


      i've got a few more eggs that i'm going to make but this one was the least labor intensive! haha!

    3. Oℓivia 110 months ago

      *Easter Egg*

    4. Rakka 110 months ago

      yep! :D!

      (i'm glad that it came out right! sometimes i don't get my calculations spot on!)

    5. bunchofpants 110 months ago

      Too much funny!

    6. fouramjava 110 months ago

      This is TOOO fun!!!! I love your sense of humor. :-)

    7. Rakka 110 months ago

      thanks, everyone! :D!

      i'll have more eggs up soonish.

    8. Lal12 110 months ago

      wonderful... i love it !

      and much better as a puzzle on :o)

      rakka we could go so far away together ;o)

    9. Jim Bayliss [deleted] 110 months ago

      Ok. The geek in my is laughing. :) Can't deny it. Happy Easter.

      Eggs bleed.

    10. Rakka 110 months ago

      the puzzles are great, lal12! :D! thanks so much!

      happy easter, deathnewt! i'm glad you liked the binary egg!

    11. Tim Burns, obmit 1 [deleted] 110 months ago

      Why didn't I think of that.
      How about a denary lemon?

    12. Rakka 110 months ago

      probably because you think of more than just ones and zeroes. ;D

      hmmm...i'm not so good at counting by tens....HAHAHA!!

    13. Tim Burns, obmit 1 [deleted] 110 months ago

      Hey Rakka, wev'e lost Big Al :-(

    14. Rakka 110 months ago

      we did? but he just came back!

    15. Tim Burns, obmit 1 [deleted] 110 months ago

      Hurrahhhh! :-)

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