as finished as it's gonna' get!

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last photo of this cake until it arrives at the edible book festival tomorrow. i PROMISE! (and sorry it's blurry, but my camera is dying.--it's not focusing properly.)

so, ok, to reiterate, intellivision cake is lemon with a lemon buttercream icing. the knobs and the fake woodgrain are gingerbread. the cord connecting the controller is licorice.

the lucky wander boy book is made of yellow cake with a lemon buttercream icing. the cover was made with food dye that i applied with a brush.

and now i'm finished. maybe i'll post the other cake's photo when it's done, maybe not.

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  1. Oℓivia 109 months ago

    Wow! This is great! So clever! ;)

  2. Rakka 109 months ago

    thanks so much, olivia!

  3. chotda 109 months ago

    cooooool. you're so awesome, rakka. i'd've eaten the controller by now.

  4. Korova Fartbar 109 months ago

    I wonder how many other photos have the tag 'revision of original cake'?

  5. bunchofpants 109 months ago

    Oops! Were we not supposed to start eating the controller already? Damn! Sorry Rakka, I'll try to fix it by tomorrow morning!!

  6. Vaguely Artistic 109 months ago

    My favvorite part is the little cut-out where the controller goes. will you find out if (when) you've won tomorrow?

  7. Rakka 109 months ago

    va--it's not a contest. it's just a group of edible books that people pay to see. all proceeds go to 826 seattle.

    promise to answer the rest of the comments tomorrow!

  8. Avid Maxfan 109 months ago

    almost looks like it's made of felt! amazing!

  9. Rakka 109 months ago

    there's no way i could eat cake now, chotda. i'm sick of looking at it. ;D

    thanks, grinch.

    i think it's just me, ld. i don't think anyone else edits their pastry! ;D

    if i could, i'd mail you the controller, pants. but it would be really gross by the time it got there. :(

    i really like that part too, va! the controller and the power cords on the cover of lucky wander boy!

    thanks, am!! i'd rather eat felt than cake at this point! haha!

  10. niffer 109 months ago

    this is so awesome, Rakka!

  11. Rakka 109 months ago

    thanks, niff!! :D!

    i'm not making any more cakes until my birthday though! HAHAH!! (i made another cake at the same time as this one and i'm all pastried out!)

  12. Irregular Shed 109 months ago

    I'm so pleased to be able to call you an internet friend =)

  13. Rakka 109 months ago

    the feeling is mutual! :D!

  14. Rakka 109 months ago

    thanks! :D!

  15. particle-wave 108 months ago

    How about an ADAM computer to go with it.

  16. Rakka 108 months ago

    now that's a great idea, particle-wave!

    i'll see what i can do! (but may is probably going to be a busy pastry month so it might be a while.)

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