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Last wednesday Jasmine hurt her knee hitting it on the coffee table while jumping up on the couch. After initially holding it up, she seemed ok...but then days later she started showing signs of discomfort because sporadically she wasn't putting her full weight on it.


Well, today we took her in to our vet and got the diagnosis we were dreading: partial tear of the ACL .


In 2006 she had a full tear of the ACL in the left knee so we opted for the expensive/ invasive TPLO surgery. She was a lot younger so sailed thru the surgery & 3 months of recovery with no problem.


But now, AGE is a big consideration. So not sure what we'll do if she's not better after resting her knee for a week as our vet recommends. NO hikes, running or jumping of course. Our vet put her on Rimadyl [an anti inflammatory] which I hate giving but have no choice right now.


This new situation may not sound that serious to you but believe me, it's crushing news to us--I feel like crying...esp after all I've been thru lately. Now this.


Jasmine will need to eat a lot less since she won't be getting any exercise..and it would be to her advantage if she dropped a couple pounds--as she's not at her optimum weight despite all her hikes as her metabolism is slowing with age and she get's too many treats.


I'm going to need to put myself on a diet for sure now too since I'll be missing out on our daily hikes.


My nephew and I will take Jasmine for daily photo drives in the morning so that she doesn't miss her hikes as much. She'll get one potty break but will have to stay in the car the rest of the time.


I am trying to stay optimistic and positive...but to tell you the truth, I am depressed about this. 'Just one more thing to make this a "not so good" year.

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Taken on April 18, 2012