Bank of Coal: Bank of America Stadium Rebranded
As the largest financier of the US coal industry, Bank of America could be renamed the "Bank of Coal". And what better place to do that than at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC, which stands as a giant symbol of everything wrong with BofA's banking practices?

BofA pays big bucks for the naming rights to the stadium because of its enormous marketing value, even while the bank's investments in the coal industry are polluting countless communities like Charlotte around the country. This is perfectly symbolic of BofA's profits-over-people-and-planet mentality. As the bank's annual shareholder meeting is to be held in Charlotte on May 9, we thought we'd point that out.

5 climbers scaled Bank of America Stadium on May 2, 2012 and dropped a 25x70 ft. banner reading "Bank of America Coal".

We need you to stand with these activists. Sign the petition calling on BofA to stop bankrolling the coal industry.
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