LUSH Cosmetics and Rainforest Action Network send Nancy Pelosi and Prime Minister Harper a message about tar sands
In a provocative demonstration against the tar sands, clean energy advocates poured
“oil” onto a female model draped with the Canadian flag on Parliament Hill. Those pouring the oil were dressed as executives of TransCanada, the company proposing to build the Keystone XL Pipeline,
which will run from the Alberta tar sands to the US Gulf Coast.

The event is aimed at sending a strong message to Prime Minister Harper about his support for the tar sands as US Congressional Representative Nancy Pelosi and other US Members of Congress arrived in Ottawa. The event was part of a campaign by LUSH Cosmetics and Rainforest Action Network launched over the Summer that drew controversy in the U.S. and Canada. The group also delivered to Prime Minister Harper more than 8,000 postcards signed by LUSH customers during the campaign.

“Expansion of the tar sands is fouling our rivers, polluting our air, and violating the rights of Indigenous communities on both sides of the border” said Ben Powless, one of the activists participating in the event “Building TransCanada’s tar sands pipeline to the US is like a heroin addict shoving a dirty needle needle into his arm for his last fix.”

Photos by Ben Powless
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