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Bank Vs America: Activists protest BofA in Charlotte

As Bank of America's executives, board, and shareholders gathered at the bank's shareholder meeting in Charlotte, NC, protesters took to the streets and inside the meeting hall to speak out against BofA's practices that are destroying our environment and our economy.


While a variety of creative, peaceful protests took place outside, RAN's executive director, Becky Tarbotton, and energy and finance campaign head, Amanda Starbuck, went into the meeting with seven anti-coal activists from across the country. Hailing from the mountains of Appalachia, the coal fields of the American West, and the Pacific Northwest where the coal industry seeks to build several new coal export terminals, these activists came to share the impacts of coal on their lives and their communities directly with the decision makers at BofA.


Sign the petition to stand with the protesters here in Charlotte: www.ran.org/bofa


Photo by: Jed Brandt

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Uploaded on May 9, 2012