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Seattle Shines A Light on Poverty and Pollution

Rainforest Action Network projects "Welcome to the Port of Poverty and Pollution" on the downtown Seattle Westin Hotel where a Ports conference was being held.


During the 100th American Association of Port Authorities convention, Rainforest Action Network roamed the streets of Seattle, Washington with a guerrilla projection team. RAN activists shone a massive Batsignal-like light on iconic Seattle locations to elevate the profile of controversial coal ports in the Pacific Northwest. Coal companies like Peabody Energy and Arch Coal, financed by Bank of America, plan to build export terminals along the Washington coast to ship coal to overseas markets. Local residents and environmental advocates are doing everything in their power to stop these dirty coal ports in their tracks. Read more about this action: Welcome To The Port Of Poverty And Pollution.


Photo by Marcus Donner

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Taken on September 14, 2011