Raines and mitch and carl at leopard launch austin apple store

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    1. Raines 112 months ago | reply

      I just happened to be in town, so wandered up here and ran into a former Apple Internet Evangelist and some user group groupies.

    2. macfan92 112 months ago | reply

      I saw that lady i was like OMG see like old and shes in the front of the line, how I337 is she, i was 12th in line

    3. Raines 112 months ago | reply

      She's so l337, she was hacking the Apple II+ before you were born, Titanicfan! ;-) We had a nice chat, reminiscing about "the good old days" circa 1980 when she ran the membership database in an early Apple-labeled spreadsheet that was ultra fast (and it took Macs a long time to catch up, although perhaps she could have used OverVUE, a RAM-based DB). She actually made it to Macworld Expo/SF last year and is planning on returning this year and participating in "User Group University" and watching the keynote remotely instead of trying to get into the back of a big room where you just see him on a screen anyways.

      P.S. No, I didn't buy the Leopard I was holding, I put it back. My standard is: minimum 30 days from release, even if it means I have trouble communicating with some friends for a bit. Even if there is no bugfix release, people will have a better understanding by then of how all the pieces fit together and the potential pitfalls.

      P.P.S. Carl and I both think the "Screens" feature is basically Andy Hertzfeld's "Switcher" revived... from the "pre-Multifinder" days. Anyone remember all that?

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