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Tonight we had a guest speaker from Israel come talk to us about the stars. He’s a born again Jew, and had a complete revelation of the Lord, partly because of the stars! He told us stories of the work he did in Israel, then he showed us all the constellations and pointed out how they all surround Polaris, which is the unmoving north star. He connected it all to the Lord and it was so beautiful, laying on the tennis courts at 10:30 at night, hearing stories about the Lord and looking at the stars and milky way. We saw a bunch of shooting stars, and it was just one of those nights you’ll never forget. At the end, he quoted scripture to us, connecting each scripture to a star to help us remember. He prayed to Yeshua, and it was seriously one of the most beautiful nights of my life.


After he finished I went up to him, and asked him to pray for me, that I would recieve a revelation of the Lord like he did. When he layed hands on me, I felt the Holy Spirit fall completely on me...this man was so filled and I was so blessed by him. Truly one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever met.


On the way home I was filled with giggles and inspired to take pictures, since I’ve never seen stars so beautiful. I ran home and got my camera, headlamp, and tripod, and Olivia came and we ran back and forth, dancing and singing and taking photos, on top of a mountain. On the way home we proclaimed who the Lord is. So good.


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Taken on July 22, 2012