Wondercon 2010 Saturday: Capt. Cosmic

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    I screamed my f****** head off when I saw this guy show up on stage. (As soon as I saw his helmet, even! 30 years went away in a heartbeat... dokkun-dokkun.. ^_^;)

    Capt. Cosmic was part of my childhood. I grew up watching the show on cable when my local area carried KTVU Channel 2 from Oakland.

    This brings back memories (sssh! I know who was in the costume, and I'm surprised he could handle so long without a puff from one of his ever-present cigars...) of watching "Capt. Scarlet and the Mysterions", "Spectreman", "The Space Giants" (a.k.a. Ambassador Magma/Magma Taishi - another classic Tezuka manga creation!), and "Star Blazers" (Hacked-up Space Cruiser Yamato)

    Faster than a speeding BART train...
    Able to leap tall buildings with amazine ease... (Rrrripp!!)
    Stronger than the entire 49ers football team!

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