Sala Palatului / Royal Palace Hall

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Articolele mele despre Bucuresti, aici:

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  1. macgruff .. on / off !! V/Busy 67 months ago | reply

    this is a cracker, really great vview of the hall, it seems so different from this angle.... well done !!

  2. Raiden2 67 months ago | reply

    Actually, I've always viewed the hall as a giant bathroom, I don't know why. This is where the Communist Party held its congresses.

  3. macgruff .. on / off !! V/Busy 67 months ago | reply

    when I first seen it, I thought it was a swimming pool !!

  4. sfintii_apostoli 67 months ago | reply

    Impressive building still. A cherished venue for old time Ceausescu talkfests, but not only. Went to quite a few good concerts there in Commie days.

  5. I_click_2 66 months ago | reply

    Mannnnn. This shot brings back so many fond memories having lived right by Cishmigiu til '68.

    I've spent few years playing right around here, most of the time rollerskating (rotile ..... 8?), downhill from Kretzulecu, almost ending up under a bus ... a few times. I used to skate everywhere, otherwise walking. Many times even from Cishmigiu to Obor. Rode the bicycle to Scinteia.....

    Sadly I have not seen the city since '75. Back then, it was gorgeous, all things considered - I am speaking of the pre-commies buildings. It was not named "Little Paris" for no reason. Also, it was very clean.

    Am I wrong, or in the horizon, the antenna from Casa Scinteii is visible?? It would be above and about 1cm to the right of Luteranei ?? It is white with a dark/black top.

    Thanks a lot for posting/sharing.

  6. Raiden2 66 months ago | reply

    No, that's not the antenna of the Press House (current name for "Scinteia").

    The city you left doesn't exist anymore. It's been hit by a major earthquake (1977) and by insane demolition (the 1980s). It's now a filthy, busy place, and only from above can you appreciate it.

  7. I_click_2 66 months ago | reply

    I watched footage of the earthquake on TV and was in touch with family by phone. Among the footage, was the "bloc" vis-a-vis Intercontinental, just by the small Church the name of which I forgot. The Church was located between Universitate and the "bloc" in question. Among the devastation I did see a distant cousin's apartment minus an outer wall literally overlooking that Church.

    I recently received some photos of my former apt on Brezoianu 18, as seen from the street. I was blown away by their deplorable condition, considering that Maria Tanase, Jana Gorea (actress) and Victor Frunza lived in that building, and Gambrinus was such a landmark. When I saw the building and the street nearby, I felt as if I got punched in the face.

    Thanks again Raiden, for the photos and the reply. As I have spare time, I want to look over the rest of your shots.

    Be well.

  8. Raiden2 66 months ago | reply

    The church across the street from the National Theatre was called Enei Church and it was demolished along with the remains of the "Dunarea" building (affected by the earthquake) to make room for a BIG socialist building.

    Article about the Enei Church:

    Series of 4 articles about the 1977 earthquake:

    Weitten by me, in Romanian. Hope this helps.

  9. I_click_2 66 months ago | reply

    I did not notice this reply. Thanks a bunch. I just spent a couple of hours or so looking over your photo archive. The shots helped crystallize and connect MANY loose bits of info and details I had floating between my ears but after 40 years ......... I'll read up the info @ the links you kindly provided.

    BTW, since we are in that neighborhood, do students from (politehnica parca) still paint murals on the interior windows of their labs? it used to be customary back in the 60's, for them to start new murals at the start of each school year, and continue work through out the year.

    I was going to ask the name of the store which I recalled being at the street level of that building. I seemed to recall something to do with "pescarie". The quake did a number on that building, and most likely Enei might have been crumbled by the debris from the "bloc".

    Many many thanks. I look forward to soon reading the articles. Very kind of you.

  10. Raiden2 66 months ago | reply

    No idea about Politehnica students painting anything, sorry.

    If you read my article, you'll learh that Enei church was left untouched by the earthquake, but it was demolished on Ceausescu's direct orders.

  11. I_click_2 66 months ago | reply

    My Bad re. "Politehnica". Reading your piece on Enei "mi-a cazut caramida" and reminded me its correct name: Univ. de Arhitectura.

    As for the fate of Enei, I cannot properly express my thoughts in a civilized manner !!!

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