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My Uighur wife

When I was in Urumqi I decided to take a day trip organized by a local operator to Turpan - a legendary oasis in the dessert, and the hottest place in China.


During the trip among dozens of other attractions (like the mandatory hour of shopping in a local shopping mall) we were offered a choice to pay extra to visit a "traditional" local family. The purpose was to see how normal, local people live. We never saw their house, just a courtyard, and they were so used to tourists (they made their living by faking a normal traditional local family and selling raisins to tourists) but it was very nice anyway. They sat us barefooted along a long table and treated us with raisins and watermelons.


After the meal they presented some local traditional dances and invited all men to dance with them. A small boy first presented how to dance: took a nice bouquet of red flowers and danced with it around his pretty older sister, pretending that he woos her. Then he have chosen one of tourists to do the same. As I was the only non-Chinese the choice wasn't difficult to make :).


First I had to pick the bouquet from the floor without using hands with my teeth, then imitate the dance, and then give the bouquet to this beautiful lady. After the first round she rejected my woos so I had to put more effort into the dance. After the next turn she accepted with a warm gaze and lovely smile.


Later in the bus my Chinese friend who was lucky to understand what was happening (they don't speak a world of English there) told me that it was a dance to ask her to marry me, and that the acceptance of the flowers meant that she agreed. Haven't heard from her since though. Strange... :)


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