Color Cordinated

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Charm and Poise, ilovecoffeeyesido, and 2 other people added this photo to their favorites.

  1. skipgoforth 87 months ago | reply

    My cats love those very toy mousies!

  2. loungelistener 87 months ago | reply

    Ah, Lucy. She's becoming a lovely young kitty. :-)

  3. Radio Rover 87 months ago | reply

    Oh yea... she is something else and a real joy. Skip I remember someone telling me a story about their cat playing with those fake mice and one day they though the cat had one in their mouth but it was the real deal instead.

  4. Charm and Poise 87 months ago | reply

    Lucy is a darling girl!

  5. skipgoforth 87 months ago | reply

    Radio Rover---It always freaks me out when they are carrying a real mouse in their primal!
    One time they left me a "gift" of a well-chewed dead garter snake in my slipper.I woke up quickly that day!

  6. LornaLou 87 months ago | reply

    Wonderful shot!!!! :)
    My cat loves her ole busted up red fur mousie! She carries it proudly!

  7. Baab1 87 months ago | reply

    I'm a cat-lover also. I have two, smokey and Fuzzbucket. This is a beautiful and expressive shot!

  8. skipgoforth 87 months ago | reply

    *lol* I love the name: "Fuzzbucket"!

  9. marce_garal 87 months ago | reply

    SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! wow! looks perfect for a commercial! great shot

  10. Lanamaniac 87 months ago | reply

    she totally looks like my baby!

  11. Laura Pardo 87 months ago | reply

    qué linda!!
    and her name's great! haha

  12. こんにちはキティ harajukuroxy アン 87 months ago | reply

    Well it IS the Year of the Rat for CHinese New Year 2008 today LOL

    Many hugs, talk to you soon!


  13. Paula Wirth 87 months ago | reply

    What a beauty!!! I hope to get a cat soon... probably a tabby... unless I fall in love with a cat of a different color....

  14. こんにちはキティ harajukuroxy アン 85 months ago | reply

    ooh. Lucy needs one of these food bowls

    It's a Tigrito from Alessi

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