Nikon D90 naked

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A Nikon D90 sliced with a CT-scanner in 700+ sub-mm cross sections.
Reconstruction in 3D MIP with Osirix.

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  1. AЯMEN 46 months ago | reply

    DUDE how you do this ?

  2. Nikolas Bollenbach♛ 46 months ago | reply

    Coool, alter Radiologe! Zum glück war kein Film eingelegt!

  3. radioross 46 months ago | reply

    thanks! i appreciate your 3D work too.

  4. radioross 46 months ago | reply

    i took only an outdated CT-scanner, some nice software (Osirix)
    and the courrage to place my D90 in the CT.

    my next camera gets dual-source treatment! :-)

  5. radioross 46 months ago | reply

    ...und ich hatte doch EXTRA einen röntgenfilm auf den sensor geklebt!

  6. S. Marc 45 months ago | reply

    would like to see D90 with double spectro CT scan !!

  7. -_ MCFM _- 45 months ago | reply

    I got a i feel the power in my hands...

  8. The Jordan Collective 45 months ago | reply

    Very cool! Nice work!

  9. LordofStars 45 months ago | reply

    I am interested in dual source do you have a link that might explain this better?

  10. FrancoisMalan 45 months ago | reply

    Any place where one can download the DICOM files?

  11. FrancoisMalan 45 months ago | reply

    with dual source he probably means dual-energy CT? You can look at (you will need access to the full text for the section on dual energy QCT)

  12. Zeroneg1 45 months ago | reply

    Funny the D90 looks mostly air from the CT scan LOL

  13. P^2 - Paul 44 months ago | reply

    Siemens does make a true dual-source clinical CT scanner: see here

    It's a bit of marketing upmanship and a somewhat goofy idea, but it has some technical merit. Too bad it can't be sited most places because (to actually use both sources to best advantage) it requires more power than most hospitals normally provide for a CT suite.

    But it's an interesting shot of a D90. It's pretty clear there isn't much metal or glass in there. The lens mount and hotshoe are the most obvious metal chunks, and the few, small lens elements are clearly visible. There is clearly no metal chassis. The most interesting part, however, is the pentaprism: Nikon claims the D90 has a pentaprism, not a pentamirror, but a dense glass prism is definitely not present in this image. It looks like the pentaprism is plastic.

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