The Women Sing at Both Sides of the Zambezi
Hallo Listeners!
Welcome! With these images we are celebrating the launch of an archive for life-story-telling established by African women for their sisters, and brothers, near and far. The archive currently contains more than 70 interviews with women in Arts, Culture and Media from Zambia and Zimbabwe. It forms a start for audio-visual–radio and creative media projects with women in the Zambezi region aiming to pass the skills of digital productions and the tools of their distribution in to the hands of the storytellers. The online publication of the recordings is in process. Each week more links to on-line audio will appear under the images for global listeners to play and download the recordings under creative commons license. The collections from Binga, Bulawayo, Harare, Kitwe, Livingstone, Lusaka, Masvingo, Mazabuka and Monze are a beginning. The archive is open … and the Zambezi is a long stream… For more details and how you can join, read here You are welcome to join our facebook group for updates on the audio archive
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