Update 2: Weightbot is now available on iTunes!

You can download it here: tinyurl.com/4l48yf

Update: Thanks for the growing interest in checking out our app. We really appreciate it and it definitely is motivating. :) You can get the latest updates by following us at twitter.com/tapbots. Our website is also up at tapbots.com

We also released a demo video.

Here are screenshots of a new iPhone app that will be released in a few weeks. It's a weight tracking application. It's super easy to use, lots of fun, and extremely useful for pretty much everyone.

The photos shown are of the actual app running on my phone. The app is complete, but we are polishing the app up to a mirror shine. It will be submitted to the app store very soon.

This application was designed by yours truly and developed by Paul Haddad, who has been developing mac software for over 15 years. We are extremely proud of it and hope people will find it fun and useful.

PS. The photos don't do the app justice. Taking photos of a display is not easy! But at the same time, I wanted this to be a teaser which is why I didn't post actual screenshots. :)
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