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  • Another icecream hanging off the handlebar. Is this a la mode? - Karen O [back in a while]
  • Where are the breaks? :) You don't even need breaks when cycling in Copenhagen!? Amazing! - Orhan Tsolak
  • There is another one, just dropped! :) - Orhan Tsolak
  • or upgraded earplugs, that would be smart ;) - Bob van Ooik
  • kick back brakes - Bob van Ooik
  • DK and NL breaks are old-style, just like the bike itself
  • That's the racer :-) He is determined to overpass them all! - Elitsa
  • Haha it must be :) - UFOGlassHens

Cykler og Iskrem

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  1. Gunnella 109 months ago | reply

    He he my precise impression of Denmark ;-)

  2. tmfotki 109 months ago | reply

    cycling is a great sport. i like this moment

    Marina - what else counts as suicide attempt in Iowa?

  3. Ievinya 109 months ago | reply

    He has abag filled with ice-cream. The new way of selling it :)

  4. .Marcin 109 months ago | reply

    rush hour, eh? Did you get on one?

  5. arny johanns 109 months ago | reply

    this is such a typical transport photo in denmark..

    people must be very healthy riding their bikes instead of driving a car..

    great photo..

  6. jean-jeanie 109 months ago | reply

    what a fun picture!

  7. Dalmatica 109 months ago | reply

    fun shot, beautiful people. i've heard that Munich holds the EU record in number of bikes, but it might be loosing that position. :)

  8. kel1 109 months ago | reply

    black socks and black shoes with shorts- not something you see everyday.

    neat pic!

  9. racingsquirrel 109 months ago | reply

    Karen: I saw the ice cream rucksack only after I downloaded this. It's really one of the funnier parts of this photo; Orhan: No helmets here, drinking takes away the pain; Tankes: It helps when there are dedicated bicycle lanes in addition to sidewalks. The flatlands of BE, DK and NL are made for this; Gert: It was super natural; Couluers: Merci.

    Gunella: The next frames might show the rightfully earned european vision of Denmark; Marina: This is not something that you want to do in the states at all. City bike messengers are the new daredevils; Tomasz: Eating only vegetarian would be the Iowan equivalent of a hunger strike; Silke: It is.

    Wessel: They are the best. You have many opportunities in Rotterdam :) Ieva: His girlfriend SMS'd him to bring some ice cream home; Marcin: The drawbridge just came down, which is how I could capture the faces at close range with no blur; Arny: I really don't like driving either. It is much easier when the city is dense and there is frequent public transport.

    Jean: Sunday morning was fun, check the next frames; Mariana: Munich is much larger than København in population so they may have more bikes. However, I think Amsterdam must hold some per capita record; Kelly: I think my dad mows the lawn with that ensemble, except in orange. He is thinking Dutch.

  10. lorien_PL 109 months ago | reply

    the girl is using MY bike!

    great photo, so full of joy and spring!

  11. racingsquirrel 109 months ago | reply

    Lorien: A visit is necessary to København to reclaim your bicycle :) Marina: Perhaps walking in traffic is not your best scene. However, for ending it all, crossing against the light woud certainly do it.

  12. UFOGlassHens 109 months ago | reply

    Great with all the movement and all the icecreams :) I like their expressions!

    Btw sykler are norwegian it's pronounced allmost the same way in Denmark and Norway, but in Denmark we write it this way - cykler :)

    How was your stay in Denmark?

  13. racingsquirrel 109 months ago | reply

    Marina: Faces about to crash? That would be a cool series, if you survive past the first image; Lea Elinor: Thanks for the spelling correktion. I missed my chance to take a shot of two Danish girls and their ice cream, but this one made up for it. I was waiting for a good cycling shot. I think the guy in the tie is funniest, riding home from church I think.

    My stay was great. I retook some shots from my last stay, so these were improvements. Christianshavn was fun as was Tivoli. Next time, I would like to see the Øresund Bridge, but I am not sure what the best angle is. Maybe it is from the sea or air.

  14. gillianchicago 109 months ago | reply

    I always love your bicyle shots, and this one's a keeper!

  15. racingsquirrel 109 months ago | reply

    Marina: Ah yes, you have a lucky rabbit's foot. I don't think you have much time to focus. You should always have the polarizer on for through-glass shots; Gillian: Ah, I gone far out of my way for the bicycle shot as others who have shot with me will attest.

  16. phew! 107 months ago | reply

    Interesting fun shot. I like the happy expressions on everyone's face that you captured. Still makes me smile, this small pretty port city.
    I walked around the same road and can almost tell where this has been. Just checked the date of the picture, looks like I was there two weeks before you :)

    (found you in comments on Lorien's photostream)

  17. muskva 102 months ago | reply

    Cool! I like expressio on their faces. Nice composition.

  18. Mikael Colville-Andersen 83 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Copenhagen Cycle Chic Goes Global, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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