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(36/365) oh, you think you're just so clever. | by Rachel ❋
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(36/365) oh, you think you're just so clever.

"is that so, rain? you think you're going to dump all over me and my blanket and book and keep me from tanning? keep me from doing my 365? well, we'll see about that. we'll see about that in a few hours."


(2 hours later)


"WHAT NOW, BITCH? i'll take an even prettier picture... USING YOUR MOODINESS!"



yeah i might be five years old. whatever.

got totally drenched, but it was worth it.


i hate having to crop pictures because it makes me feel like a bad photographer - ex. "why couldn't i just have taken the photo like this in the first place?" that said, i really have been sensing some improvement with my technical skills and this camera. i kind of dove into flickr/the world of DSLR photography like an idiot, just bought the one that my future roommate recommended me and started playing with it. i still haven't read the manual. whoops...


anyway. i've finally got the hang of the manual settings (that is what happens when you never take a photo class and are like "oh what does this big F mean?") and i usually am no longer needing to use presets and tutorials for getting the effects i want in my processing... that makes me really happy. i like to do things on my own.


i had this massively epic entry about love and relationships planned for today, but mr. rain thought he was clever. so i'll save that for tomorrow.

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Taken on July 9, 2010