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133: SOTTS will make you jump!

6 weeks ago, Dave, in his never-ending quest to conquer explore, bought a pair of stripey Socks (LLTS!), and took a picture in them. Rather than keep said Socks (LLTS!) to himself, Dave then proposed this - that a sisterhood (SOTTS) be formed, and the Socks (LLTS!) be sent across the country (and eventually, the world), gracing the feet of our flickr sisters.


So, far the Socks (LLTS!) have headed to the East Coast to visit ambrosialove; to the midwest to 62uolegnaiam, ~*Cherron*~, and Skyemama (our first of many sister-to-sister hand-offs!); down to the south to visit Dyxie; way up to Alaska to see alaskanmariner, northpolemama, and mivox; down to Oregon to see Kungfukitten, Qathi, and Amancay; and now up to me in Seattle!


:) It was very exciting to get to wear the Socks (LLTS!), and I had a blast thinking of the different shots I could take. ;) I'll try to upload a few more tomorrow morning, after I meet up with Rachel.::.K to hand the Socks (LLTS!) off to her. After that, they are headed to a wedding with kisluvkis, and then, who knows? ;)


I would also like to note that I got up at 5:30AM today to head down to gasworks park, so I could jump without all the joggers staring at me. :) I got there at about 6:15 and had about 10-15 minutes to myself before they started swarming the area. whew!


explore #4! highest ever! woo! :D

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Taken on May 9, 2007