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LaMarr | by RNFox
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I went to see The Pee Wee Herman Show on Broadway the night of the snomageddon in NYC. I made friends with the security guards, being rather confused as to the TKTS process, and by the sounds and lights above us that seemed to indicate thunder and lightning (which it indeed was).


After the show, gathering all my crap, taking forever to leave the building which was practically empty, one of them told me that if I went around the side that I could meet the actors. He told me I was probably too late to see Pee Wee. “But Phil LaMarr will still be there, right?” I asked. When I was told that I’d probably get to meet him, I explained that I was bent on meeting LaMarr because he’d been the voice of Green Lantern in Justice League Unlimited.


“No WAY!”


“Nah, really, it was totally him.”


And off I bounced around the corner, where another of the security guards I’d spoken to earlier was standing guard at the side door in question. He sadly told me i’d missed Pee Wee, and i again asked about Phil Lamarr, and why I was excited to see him.


“No WAY!”


“Nah, really, he was totally Green Lantern!”


After a few minutes, the security guard invited me behind the guard rails, so I could meet the man. As I was chatting, and being a big huge dork, the previous security guard came down the hall way.


“Damn, did you know he was Green Lantern?” he asked the other fellow.


“Nah, man, she just told me, too!”


at which point a third security guard was intrigued.


“You were Green Lantern?!”


And Phil LaMarr did a bit of the voice, to everyone’s joy. Everyone was happy and excited.


“Damn, man! I was pissed you didn’t get with Hawk Girl!” said one of the fellows.


and then they took this dorky photograph for me.


The End.

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Taken on December 26, 2010