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the thirteenth.

my interpretation of the 13th Doctor. See, I don't dig the Buffyization of my favorite show ever. I don't like his daughter either. So. Back to being old and asexual, like Sherlock Holmes in space.


The Doctor finds his daughter Jenny (ugh), and.... she's got a kid. Susan. Susan is... half human. Or humanoid. MORE than half human, I suppose. They all battle something evil, and they die. The Doctor saves Susan successfully, tries to save Jenny (but fails) and both die in the process. Jenny was created artificially and is genetically unstable - timelord, but NOT time lord. She can't regenerate, but she's still got some latent genetic ability, so while they are dying next to each other, her death process interferes with the Doctor's regeneration, and POOF! Gender change. Now the Doctor (a convieniently gender-free name) has taken his/her Granddaughter to show her the universe, and always looking for her first incarnation to pass of Susan to his care. Thus, the show goes full cirlce, back to the first episode in 1964 when we fist meet the Doctor who is traveling with his teenage grandaughter Susan, who is totally happy to go off and get married and live on Earth.


Jeremy Brett's Holmes, Tilda Swinton, Jon Pertwee.... these were my inspirations.


the new logo represetnes the overlapping of genetics and new female persona... as well as the fact that the end is catching up to the beginning of his/her timeline.

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Taken on September 3, 2010