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13th July: 50 civilians killed in Lebanon, 3 civilians killed in israel | by FlickrJunkie
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13th July: 50 civilians killed in Lebanon, 3 civilians killed in israel

A lesson in Israeli Math:

For the past two weeks Israel has also been bombing Gaza from sea, land and air, 60 civilians were killed among which a family of 9 including the parents and the children. All of this was in response to the capture of 1 israeli solider.


Israel has done the same in Lebanon yesterday, the outcome of the first day of combat is 50 civilians killed among which an entire family of 12, add to that lots of infrastructure bombed: 3 airports, an electricity plant, countless bridges etc. That was -of course- as Israel would put it, a legitimate response to Hizbollah's capture of 2 Israeli soliders, after earlier clashes at the border... Now it’s almost a full-scale war, with Hizbollah continuously retaliating on northern Israel while the Israeli military machine executes an air-sea-land blockade and hits deep targets in Lebanon all the way up to the southern suburb of Beirut and the north of Baalbeck.


Moral of the story

Moral of the story as Israel would like the world in general and the arabs to understand:

-An eye for an eye raised by 2 orders of magnitude= For 1 Israeli eye, 50-100 arab eyes + 10 bridges + 3 airports are required in exchange

-We Israelis are dangerous don't step on our toes, don’t even come close to our toes… Hell don’t think of dreaming of having your shadow step on our toes!!! (Capisce!)

-We're strong (with a roar)

-We’re lethal and we mean it

-Ah yep, the world's only superpower is 100% behind us, coz the US is 100% behind the lovers of freedom and democracy and human rights and who else than Israel in this whole pathetic excuse of a Middle-East, mollests freedom and democracy and human rights as good as us... daily (out of pure love & lust)... ooohh yeah!

-Did I say we’re strong? Ah yep, yep, we are strong and don’t you forget that


Therapy couldn't even curb our anger

In a way the real story behind it goes more like this:

We Israelis are victims of history and we have a big complex out of it, and therapy wouldn't work. So, meanwhile Arabs (that means you poor little people around) have to suffer for the sins of the Roman empire, European Catholics, the Tsar of all Russias and last but not the least Mr. Adolf and friends! We are self-righteous, and we’re allowed to! After all, didn’t you watch Munich?!


Unfortunate fact

It is unfortunate that civilians have to die anywhere even in Israel. Almost all Israelis have immigrated there based on Zonist scheming propaganda (apart from the minority real refugees in WW2); the all encompassing Zionist machine continuously inviting jews all the way from the US to Yemen to Russia to Ethiopia etc... to immigrate to the promised land… of opportunity... and security… and hard work... asking them romantically and so innocently to come and plant trees and let the desert blossom and reap the milk and the honey (although that last part from the Bible is used for describing Lebanon)… The vast majority of Israelis even those in the army are like most people all around the world: Decent human beings looking for opportunity to have a good life and build a future for their children. Israel lures them into the trap, corners them, brainwashes the living daylights out of them and turns them into soldiers or more accurately into the fuel that foolish dreams (more like nightmares) are made of!


Palestinians are not imaginary creatures and the negotiation theory is not only about ball-busting!

Under the alibi of self-defense, Israel continues to turn its back to the miseries and injustice it created and continues to do towards the Palestinians. Israel wishes Palestinians didn’t exist because that could solve all the problems! YET THEY DO! And until Israeli politics finds a way to fix the injustice by making real peace building concessions that it can stick to -instead of the ‘negotiatory’ acrobatics it is so proficient in doing- all this madness is going to perpetuate itself!

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Taken on July 13, 2006