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    1. A30_Tsitika 115 months ago | reply

      This is great! Absolutely fantastic composition.

    2. Mark Strozier 115 months ago | reply

      Thank you A30 Tsitika.

    3. styro 115 months ago | reply

      These neighborhoods KILL me. there's a scene in some book, i can't remember what it is, but the guy's all drunk and he's coming home to his house and he lives in one of these suburb neighborhoods where everything looks the same, and he drives around for like an hour, lost. can't find his house.

    4. karroyo6 93 months ago | reply

      Hello, I would like to contact you regarding publishing this photograph in an upcoming publication. Please e-mail me at kwilliamson@phi.org, and I can send you more information. Thanks, Kim

    5. d200 dug No censorship! 90 months ago | reply

      "We are all individuals !"

    6. Sean Robertson 81 months ago | reply

      "Little boxes made of ticky-tacky"

    7. Sean Robertson 81 months ago | reply

      BTW, how amazing is it that there's not a single tree in the entire photo. This kind of development ought to be completely illegal.

    8. eefoubert 77 months ago | reply

      Fifty houses.
      Five trees.
      A fine balance.

      Great shot!

    9. Honky Tonkitis 73 months ago | reply

      Hi, just wondering if you could identify the location of this photo, please?

      Is this in the Macon area?


    10. Mark Strozier 73 months ago | reply

      It was shot from about 500 feet over Houston County, around Bon Aire.

    11. csg.mclaren 49 months ago | reply

      Hi Mark. This photo is amazing. Way to capture the immensity of suburban sprawl in one image. I've used your photo in a blog post, with credit and a link back to your Flickr page encouraging people to go check out more of your stuff.

      The post is here: streetspot.org/2011/04/21/can-we-build-burbs-that-dont-br... Please let me know if you have any problem with me using it, or if there is another way you'd like to be credited!

      Thanks again for your amazing photos... they really are a treat to scan through.

    12. Mark Strozier 49 months ago | reply

      No worries csg.mclaren. Thanks for giving me a heads up!

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