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Haunted Hospital

I found this write up on the net the other day regarding this place and thought I'd share it:




"The structure dates back to 1938 with various additions to it

up to the 1960s. The main building is three stories high. Spirit wise,

the greatly vandalised hospital is another hot spot for orbs and EVPs,

as well as board communications with still present patients in the

limbo world. I got some absolutely AMAZING orb activity up on the

third floor of the first building that just blew me away while

watching it on the camera while there. One orb in particular as it

came down the hallway, went right, then left, stopped in front of me

at head height, then turned and went back down the hallway again. And

I mean a very bright orb in IR at that! This was just one of the many

moving through the corridor at the time. I also got more down in the

Rear Wing of the first floor when we first entered the building. EVP

wise, we got three tapes worth of material (two being my own) with

tons of great voices. On our last trip in November of 2002, I recorded

seven highly clear EVPs which I have in .wav format. This time, I'll

be adding at least 30 or more to that initial seven. One scared the

crap out of me when I first heard it in the car going home. We entered

a room on the second floor to look at the recent water damage caused

by the large amount of rain we had last week of March 2003. On the

tape, right as I went into the room, this man literally yells, "GET

OUT!" and two other words. I'm not just saying a low "Get out!", I

mean an ear deafening yell that raises the hair on your body when you

hear it. This man was definitely someone that did not want company of

any calibur. The funniest EVP occurred in a room on the Rear Wing's

first floor. While standing in the dark talking quietly and recording,

I mentioned to my partner about ghost lights in houses. How people

occasionally see lights moving around within haunted dwellings and

attribute it to spirits. What if those lights were just ghost hunters

searching the buildings for paranormal activity? This made us laugh,

and it also made a woman's ghost in the room giggle audily on the

tape, as well. She still had a sense of humor after all these years. I

find that wonderful."




Of course I didn't get graced with any funkyness, except for the B.O. from the gallons of perspiration I sweated out.


It was extremely hot for a late October day.

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Uploaded on November 1, 2004