2017 12 - BG and Aquarium (Toronto)
Dec 12, 2017. Concert in The Phoenix Concert Theatre. (r-lerman.ca/concerts/)

45 year anniversary tour.

Boris Grebenshikov is one of the most prominent members of the generation which is widely considered the "founding fathers" of Russian rock music. Due as much to his personal contribution as to the undisputed and lasting success of his main effort, the band Aquarium (active since 1972 until today), he is a household name in Russia. Grebenshchikov is colloquially known as BG after his initials. He is often called the 'Grandfather of Russian Rock'.

The band had members:

Boris Grebenshikov, Alexander Titov, Alexey Zubarev, Andrey Surotdinov, Brian Finnegan, Liam Bradley, Gleb Grebenshikov



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