miWay - New miLocal & miExpress Fleet
These photos were taken on August 4th, 2010 at the Mississauga Civic Centre / Mississauga Living Arts Centre. The following is an article related to Mississauga's new service, called MiWay, consisting of two distinct services: miLocal and miExpress.

"Mississauga Transit unveiled its new-look service, called MiWay, at this morning's City Council meeting.
Driven by the impending Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project, MiWay features 42 new MiExpress buses — blue-and-white hybrid vehicles emblazoned with the new logo — serving passengers on a network of five express routes.
MiLocal buses will replace retired vehicles and feature a new design while retaining the trademark Mississauga Transit orange colour.
The new fleets will hit the streets beginning Oct. 4.
The BRT will eventually see express buses run on a separate two-lane roadway along the Hwy. 403/Eglinton Ave. corridor.
They'll connect passengers to popular destinations including Islington Subway station, Westwood Mall, Meadowvale Town Centre, City Centre Transit Terminal, Clarkson GO station, University of Toronto Mississauga and the Airport Corporate Centre.
Two of the new buses were unveiled outside the Civic Centre on Wednesday.
The buses will run frequently during morning and evening rush hours. Passengers will find more comfortable seating, reading lights, power outlets for laptops and larger windows when they ride MiWay buses, City officials say.
When the BRT project is operational in 2013, more express service is planned to reduce passenger travel times and enhance schedule reliability.
Mississauga Transit director Geoff Marinoff said trips on Mississauga's BRT corridor are less likely to be affected by traffic congestion.
"Our new brand represents a customer-focused approach to grow ridership," said Marinoff.
GO Transit will finance and lead construction of BRT West from Winston Churchill Blvd. to Erin Mills Pkwy., connecting with the existing bus by-pass shoulders through to City Centre along the Hwy. 403 corridor.
Cost of the Mississauga segment is estimated at $259 million."

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