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OJSC Transaero Airlines (Russian: ОАО «АК «ТРАНСАЭРО», Открытое акционерное общество "Авиационная компания "ТРАНСАЭРО") or simply Transaero (Russian: Трансаэро) is an airline with its head office on the grounds of Domodedovo International Airport, Domodedovsky District, Moscow Oblast, Russia. It operates scheduled and charter flights to more than 99 domestic and international destinations. Its main bases are Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow and Pulkovo International Airport in Saint Petersburg.

The airline operates a fleet of Boeing and Tupolev jets, including the Boeing 737, 747, 767, 777 and Tupolev Tu-214s. Orders have also been placed for Airbus A320neo, A380, Boeing 747, 787-8, and Tupolev Tu-214s.

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UN: Boeing 777

UN: Boeing 777

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