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TurboJET (Chinese: 噴射飛航) is the brand name for the operations of the Hong Kong-headquartered Shun Tak-China Travel Ship Management Limited (信德中旅船務管理有限公司), which was established from the joint venture between Shun Tak Holdings Limited (信德集團有限公司) and China Travel International Investment Hong Kong Limited (香港中旅國際投資有限公司) in July 1999. It operates hydrofoil ferry services in the Pearl River Delta region.

TurboJET routes include:
Macau - Hong Kong Sheung Wan
Macau - Kowloon China Ferry
Macau - Hong Kong Int'l. Airport
Macau - Shenzhen Bao'an Int'l. Airport
Macau - Nansha
Macau - Shenzhen Shekou
Nansha - Hong Kong Int'l. Airport
Shenzhen Shekou - H.K. Int'l. Airport

Info provided by Wikipedia and TurboJET.

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