• ...half of which is taken from the 1911 edition of Britannica, and as such includes a huge number of bafflingly anachronistic references. - flashboy
  • I thought the 1911 Britannica stuff belonged here, to be honest...

What Wikipedia would look like if on paper, broken down

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Based on this image. More here.

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  1. RadsWiki [deleted] 91 months ago | reply

    I love it!!!

  2. Giggy Alex 88 months ago | reply

    Oh my god...go team!

  3. pfctdayelise 88 months ago | reply

    but where are the policy essays?

  4. -Marlith- 87 months ago | reply

    How about RFA?

  5. -Marlith- 86 months ago | reply

    And where is that huge rollback page?

  6. Whole Wheat Toast 86 months ago | reply

    naw, i don't think he's active with this, but, lol!

  7. blm07 85 months ago | reply

    Yeah, Family Guy tries to reference anything and everything possible now... yawn. "Gee there Stewie, remember those Star Wars movies? Let's not even bother to make a parody of it, let's try to condense the movies into an episode using Family Guy characters! Yeah! That's funny!"

  8. Whole Wheat Toast 84 months ago | reply

    i apologize about this guy here see he just flew in from wikipedia and he tring to adjust to life outside wiipedia...;/

  9. Meisam‌ 73 months ago | reply

    Articles of non-english people that are not even notable in their own countries with off-line references that no-one have access!

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