New Sewing Room
My DH and I live in a relatively small house (well, the bedrooms are small, at least). We share one room as our joint office space and the third bedroom was used as a guest room. The difficulty was that we seldom had need of a guest room and I desperately needed space for my quilting and knitting supplies. I was also sick of sewing on the dining room table. I needed a room of my own! (h/t to Virginia Woolf!)

Once we figured out what to do with the bed, the rest happened pretty quickly. What IKEA didn't have, my husband made -- including the new wall bed.

I would love to be able to have my fabric just out on shelves the way that so many other quilters do, but I frequently work with the window open and the dust would be a killer.

As is often the case, I no sooner got all the storage units in place when I realized I needed more room! Ack! I guess I'll have to wait for our next house...
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