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.as whales. | by torchesforghosts
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.as whales.

The horizon taunts with soft neutrality;

a reminder of my insignificance. I dream away the hours,

a witness to the growing swell.

All of my longing gathered

in the center of my chest;

restrained by fear or reason, I cannot tell.

A beautiful loneliness overwhelms me.


I am both one with all and wholly separate.

These boundaries, a collective dream that we perpetuate;

this pretending that we are not the same;

this illusory separation of sea and sky;

of you, the oblivious wave; of I,

the impatient shore. What logic is there

to this torturous dance? Our eyes meet

and everyone else disappears.


A strange feeling rolls over me; the erosion of old walls,

the building of new.

I have the urge to tell you everything, to touch

hands and mouths and skin. You are so beautiful

I am in trouble. Stars above my head, stars beneath my feet,

my every cell forged by stars, I feel so humbled.

I feel so frail. You look at me and all of my blood

rushes to my head.


I don't want this day to end

but I can't bear for it to last.

It's so bittersweet being near you...


The sun's hostility fades into

a mercy we do not deserve; the sky

slowly becoming perfect

before our eyes; the water calling

to our primitive, former selves, waking



We should have run to her, forgotten the world,

lived the rest of our years as whales,

singing in frequencies

only we can hear.

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Taken on May 26, 2012