The Bar, July 16, 2010

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    Beachcombing series No.8

    Sea glass, antique bottle pieces, barnacles, seaweed, clam shells, fiberglass, crab shells, whelk(?) shell, china, beach stones, rusty metal, lobster-claw-band.

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    1. ankepaap 45 months ago | reply

      again beautiful!

    2. quercus design 45 months ago | reply

      Thank you! I'm working on the technical quality of the photos, and think I'm finally getting close to the clarity I want. (I write about that on my blog.)

    3. ankepaap 45 months ago | reply

      it is pure. zen like. i would like to try myself but there are a too many tourists in my studio at the moment. no zen.

    4. ankepaap 45 months ago | reply

      i read your blog and it is true - it takes so much time and knowhow. it´s better to go to the beach. must be beautiful where you live. i fight with the functions of blogger, but some day you will get an email from me.

    5. beauty comma 45 months ago | reply

      this is lovely; i love the colours and the composition! and even pieces of glass become beautiful when they've been sanded down by nature.

    6. bugleewallow 43 months ago | reply

      Good grief...I think we may be twins separated at birth. I've never seen work that so reflects the way I think and see things. You might be stunned to see my work...not the same exactly, of course, but SO reflective of the same interests and way of seeing and thinking. You are way ahead of me on blogging ...I'm not even sure how I might show you some of my pieces...but would be interested to do so.

      Your work is beautiful and inspiring. I like best, re your found objects, that you don't try to make them into something else, but appreciate them for their innate beauty and do nothing more with them in your images than "order" and of itself an artistic pursuit which can absorb me for disgraceful and embarrassing amounts of time. It's highly therapuetic and the way I figure it, there are far worse addictions. I'm also a very cheap date and, clearly, easily amused. I even have a collection of "beach plastic" awaiting recording if you can believe it. BBM

    7. quercus design 43 months ago | reply

      @bugleewallow: I'm fascinated! You should put your photos up on Flickr. I'd love to see your work. Check out the Organized Collection group ( and the Poppytalk Collectors group ( There's some beautiful work in both groups in this style. You might also be interested in ankepaap's work (see the comments above).

    8. bugleewallow 36 months ago | reply

      Dear Quercus,

      Good grief! I'd forgotten that I'd even posted a comment on your blog months ago and have just happened upon you again and see that I even had a response from you! I am struck all over again by the parallels in your and my visual sensibilities and I now will make more serious endeavor to post some of my things. Still have this feeling we must be twins separated at birth. Do you also work in other mediums? I studied photography (RISD)but also work in a variety of mediums....drawing, interest in natural history weaves itelf in and through most of my work,

      I have just signed on for something called "The Art Drive" which happens in Dartmouth MA on the weekend of August 13 & 14 and involves thirty artists in this area/ open studios including mine on my wee two acre "farmlett". There is a website so you can check it out if you like. I am assuming you are in New England by the look of your collections and can't be too far away.

      All the best to you.

    9. bugleewallow 36 months ago | reply

      PS Thank you for the suggested links which I will indeed take a look at!

    10. quercus design 36 months ago | reply

      Hi bugleewallow - do you have a link?

    11. lostartist- Tim Burns Art 14 months ago | reply

      kindred spirit. I love this.

      Here is one of mine:-
      objects from a tropical beach

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