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Unidentifiable Flying Objects - Page 23 | by Queensland State Archives
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Unidentifiable Flying Objects - Page 23


Mount Isa District.

Burketown Police Station.

1st January, 1978


3/78. M1/323


Relative to:- Radio Message received by Constable SIEBER of Burketown from Mr D.C.MAXWELL of Mornington Island re sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects.



I have to report that on the 31st December,1977 I received a Radio Message from Mr.David MAXWELL, Store Manager on Mornington Island with regards to people on the Island reporting to him the sightings of two Unidentified Flying Objects on two seperate [separate] occassions [occasions].


He stated over the radio that approximately 30 to 35 persons (All Aboriginal) had reportedly sighted a U.F.O. in the skies near Mornington Island at about 9pm on Christmas Eve, the 24th December,1977.


They had told him that at that time they saw an object which was described as roundish to a comparable size and shape with a football. It appeared like a moon. They further told him that this object was surrounded by a form of mist or haze and that there were a number of small lights within the mist or haze surrounding the main object.


It appeared to them to be one big light inside of a group of smaller lights all within this haze or mist. They stated that this light eminated [emanated] from the south apparently over the mainland of Australia and it moved slowly towards them until it was almost directly overhead at which stage it appeared to ascend into the sky. The actual sighting was reported to have lasted approximately thirty minutes and some have reported to have seen it for close on one hour.


There were no changes noticed in either atmospheric or physical changes around either the Island or apparently around the object., although one woman did report that things within the village complex became slightly brighter as if from some scourse [source] of light.


A few names of persons who sighted this apparent object are, Clifford BUSH, Margaret HILLS, Alisa WEBBER and Alma MOON. All these persons are nondrinkers and had not partaken of any intoxicating liquor that night.


The average educational standard of these people has been described as being around the Grade eight or seven European standard.


On another ocassion [occasion] a group of aboriginals were camping at a location known as 'Birri' which is situated roughly half way along the Western Coast line of the Island when they also reported saw an object of roughly the same decription [description] as before.


Only one camper has been interviewed by MAXWELL and she stated to him that one of the party awoke on the morning of either the 26th or 27th December, 1977 and saw a long light coming towards them from the sky in the West. This person awoke the others and then all watched this object for approximately thirty minutes.





Inspector of Police




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