Andy Jarvis
21 June 1950 - 22 June 2016

"Andy Jarvis happened upon Queensferry Rowing Club just after the launch of our Ferry Lass in April 2011. He told us he had his own wee boat at Kinghorn and had rowed before. He was immediately grabbed and told, ‘you’re in!’ With his great sense of humour and easy way with people and boat handling he became one of the most prominent members of our Club. He was always there and willing to do anything. He and his wife Anne travelled around Scotland and often turned up at regattas the Club could not attend. Over the years he gained the reputation of rowing for anybody who would have him. His favourite regatta was Ullapool and I am so glad that we got him there in May and he had such a good time. Many thanks to all the rowing community who made him feel so special."
Peter Locke, June 2016
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